The primary cause of early aging is laziness!

Everyone knows about healthy aging, get regular physical activity, including a variety of exercises, spend time improving your relationships, sit in the synagogue and pray, maintain a healthy body weight and get regular medical checkups and so on. But most of us are pretty sure that aging is so far from now.

Yes, I’m a very lazy eater.
Sometimes I eat what is not allowed. Sometimes I eat after 18–00!

Okay, let’s unpack AMAI project a bit.

I don’t think I can change people. By now, we could have — had a large social family, a social community to solve our aging. But what do we have? Tons of knowledge about aging, thousands of companies dealing with healthy lifestyles, the smartest biologists and doctors. And so we’ve begun to collect this human active into AMAI project. AMAI project consists of two parts: AMAI Platform and AMAI Social Network.
Today, I am talking about AMAI Social Network — first age management artificial intelligence network.

I’m going to infect AMAI-idea everybody.
If you look at our logo. It is not true perfect circles, like everyone around you. But to go on, here is a very good example to see on picture below.

Viktor Kvachan & AMAI Logo

A year of my lives (one circle) I should have spent with healthy body. Unfortunately, however, I was living at recent years with laziness.
My life circle of the year is “uneven”, definitely, the next my life circles will be “uneven” too. But to me, what is even sadder the number of circles is limited, limited of my years. The battle between my life circles and my laziness depends on my action plan to force interesting life and it’s not only about my health. I can share my vision, the doctors can share their experience, the scientists can share their knowledge, the successful technologies can be closer to everyone.

Now, I’m doing my best to help everyone to make the perfect circle by age management social network called AMAI. The primary challenge for me to create the community circles by personal goals. Some people would say that’s own health is priority, others may prefer — activity life. Artificial and your personal intelligence would create the way to go on longevity, getting what you can while you’re young. That’s why the laziness should be an advantage to manage age, to manage life!

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said:
“I will always look for a lazy person to work with, because he will find many easy ways to solve the problem.”

All right, let talk about a few things of AMAI.

The 1st drug for laziest person to convert into health
is “Smart Actions”

Focus on healthy aging and it is a healthcare social network on blockchain technology.
AMAI is not classic mobile application with many features and multi-level menu. UX/UI interface methodology for most of applications!
Here, your content depends on your goals and your circles.
You do not need to waste your time on pointless scrolling of the tape like most of social networks.
I call this technology “One Tuch to Smart Actions (OTSA)”.

One example in practice.
AMAI track your sleep, meal, physical activity throughout the week, knowing the minimum information about you, AMAI will communicate and send smart actions by your goals and the state of your organism.

The second drug for laziest person to convert into health
is “Fresco Community”

Build your own society (AMAI Circles) and technologies of longevity.
The health of those around you affects your health. Each participant has his own society, which can be closed or even hide from others, for example, your family and close friends. If you are famous influencer you can create own hide society. Each participant is equal in your society.
To manage your circles, you have the simple tools, lines of measure:
Line Now, Line Doing Anything, Line Interaction.
There are a common Life Pulse and a Longevity Pulse in every society depending on circumstances and community goals.

Line Doing anything:
You are working closely with AMAI Heart. There are some digital advisers based Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technology to help you and to manage your goals.

Line Interaction is a fee option:
AMAI will recommend activities by extra cost, to connect with physicians and specialists, local clinics and services, technologies and medical supplies, even medical insurance.

Viktor Kvachan & AMAI Logo

AMAI keeps a secret new opportunities until to realize date! And I will get another one open — Next generation of AMAI Circles could earn real money for your society 😊

At the conclusion of AMAI brief overview I would quote Jacque Fresco.
“We live in a world where our social system is old, our language is old, the way we acquire goods and services is outdated, our cities are detrimental to our health, chaotic and a tremendous waste of resource, and most of all our politics and values no longer serve us.”

With regards,
Viktor Kvachan, AMAI founder.




Age Management Artificial Intelligence

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Age Management Artificial Intelligence

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